Why Join Section III?

Because it’s about YOUR career.

Joining Section III is one of the beneficial investments you will make for your professional growth.  Some of the valuable advantages membership gives you include:

  • Participating in a strong network of colleagues invested in gender issues
  • Be on the front edge of representing in psychoanalysis and in your community issues of gender, reproductive autonomy and social justice
  • Mentoring program for women providing multifaceted support across varying career issues
  • Support for writing, publishing and presenting
  • Networking with other savvy colleagues at Section-Three events
  • Increasing your visibility within your client community
  • Opportunities for panel discussion, leadership and relationship building

Now in our twentieth year, Section III continues to make vital contributions to the intellectual life of the Division – by presenting discussions about women in leadership, clinical concerns in the treatment of women and men as they involve gender, and sustaining a voting presence on the larger Division 39 Board of Directors.

We also have a book coming out in February 2017 and expect to work on similar projects in the future!


Many Section III leaders have gone on to positions of leadership in the Division. The Section publishes a directory of members that is useful for making client referrals.

What We Offer

The Section typically sponsors  two comprehensive panels a year on topics particularly relevant to gender issues.  The first one is at the Spring Meeting of Division 39 and the second is at the national APA Convention.

We also offer members the chance to develop experience in leadership and provide opportunities for networking, mentoring, and support of scholarship.


Investing in a yearly Section III membership is only:

  • Regular Members can join for $20
  • Students can join for free
  • ECP members can also join for free

Remember…this is YOUR career and your opportunity to join the targeted association that’s dedicated towards helping you achieve YOUR professional goals.  Section III is here for you – take advantage of it today.


Joining is easy!  Just click HERE.


Renewing is easy! Just click HERE.

Voluntary Contributions & Dues Payment Online

To pay your dues online now or to make a voluntary contribution, click HERE



Annual Dissertation Award is given to a member of Division 39 who has completed her/his dissertation within the past two years. The dissertation should further the understanding of women and gender, preferably from a psychoanalytic viewpoint. Applicants should submit a CV and dissertation abstract. The winner will receive a $200 prize.

Applications for the Dissertation should be submitted to marcarr00@yahoo.com by February 1st 2015. The award winners will be honored at the Section III (together with Section VIII) reception at the Division 39 Spring Meeting. The winners are strongly encouraged, but not required, to attend.