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Women, Gender & Psychoanalysis

Section III has been a leading voice in women and gender in psychoanalysis for over 30 years


At Section III, our mission is to deepen our understanding of contemporary gender-related concerns and social justice. We passionately embrace all facets of gender inequity, diversity and inclusion.  With our focus on intersectional feminism, we’ll explore the multilayered and multifaceted view and understanding of women of color, gender diversity and non-binary identities, queer issues and sexual identities, sex trafficking, and sexual rights and reproductive autonomy. Let’s examine psychoanalysis and equal rights.  Section III invites you to affect critical change, whether through clinical work, theory development, research, and writing.  Our mission is to learn and question as we attempt to provide insight into current issues and underlying causes from a unique psychoanalytic perspective. Section III supports professional and leadership development and provides networking opportunities. We currently have three Action Committees: Mentorship, Women of Color and Queer/Non-Binary

Our book, “A womb of her own: Women’s Struggle for Sexual and Reproductive Autonomy” published by Routledge is available now!  Read Rosemary Balsam's book review: Rosemary Balsam.pdf

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A Womb of Her Own: Women’s Struggle for Sexual and Reproductive Autonomy

Gradiva® Award Nominee

Psychoanalytic Reflections on a Gender-free Case:  Into the Void

The past two decades of psychoanalytic discourse have witnessed a marked transformation in the way we think about women and gender. The assignment of gender carries with it a host of assumptions, yet without it we can feel lost in a void, unmoored from the world of rationality, stability and meaning. The feminist analytic thinkers whose work is collected here confront the meaning established by the assignment of gender and the uncertainty created by its absence.

Section III

Women, Gender, and Psychoanalysis

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