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Women, Gender & Psychoanalysis

Section III has been a leading voice in women and gender in psychoanalysis for over 30 years


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  • 07/16/2019 7:40 AM
    Message # 7782135
    Meredith Darcy (Administrator)

    Good morning, I'm posting a list of questions we began discussing back at the Spring Meeting.  We want to hear your thoughts and continue "talking".  Here our some questions posed by Naomi Snider and Carol Gilligan from their new book, Why Does Patriarchy Persist?

    Patriarchy is at once under siege and flourishing. Why?

    After decades of feminist striving for equality, how can a system of society in which men hold most of the power continue to survive -- and even thrive?

    What impact does this social and political structure have on us psychologically wherever we sit on the gender spectrum?

    How is it that both men and women come to sacrifice the possibility of equal and authentic connection for the sake of power and hierarchy?

    What role can therapists play in helping patient’s re-find and re-claim the disavowed and silenced voices within themselves that maybe crucial to establishing democratic and responsive ways of being and relating.

Section III

Women, Gender, and Psychoanalysis

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